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Wednesday 26th August 2015

I woke up today around 10.20, which is pretty good for a Wednesday as I don’t work that day.  I had some breakfast sitting up in bed and got dressed.  I’m self employed so I spent the day wrestling with filling in the self assessment tax return for last year.  It’s been causing me a considerable amount of anxiety and I have tried contacting a couple of local bookkeepers to get help but I didn’t hear anything back and I’m not good making phonecalls.

It took me a few hours and lots of breaks, as my concentration wasn’t great, but I got it done and submitted.  I had to recheck the form and read through all of the extra notes to be sure I’d filled it in correctly.  I still wasn’t totally convinced but I am proud of myself for doing it.

I then went out to the shops and brought myself a late lunch.  I came home and ate that while playing computer games.  My brain feels pretty fried and I still feel anxious as I don’t like doing things like tax returns.  I like to know exactly what I’m doing and I didn’t feel at all confident but I just tried to reassure myself that I am intelligent and lots of people fill these in each year so there must be a system for the HMRC getting any additional information if it’s needed.  I’ve got a bit of an obsession with being truthful but I’ve printed out a copy of my completed form and checked it several times and everything looks right.

Thankfully it’s now done so I just have to wait and see what the outcome is.  My business made very little last year so I don’t think I’ll have to pay anything but I have some money put aside just in case.

Anyway, that was what I did today.  Not very exciting but I feel quite good as it feels like I achieved quite a bit and got a stressful job out of the way.