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Title; Selective Mutism

Hiya everyone,

I didn’t really do much on the new Day In Your Life day, I watched telly with my mum and napped and in the evening I drew and uploaded my webcomic. To be honest, I’d forgotten it was the Day In Your Life day. I’ve found this whole project pretty difficult as I’ve felt sort of guilty if my day wasn’t too bad and it’s really hard to know how to express my feelings through text about specific days. I was camped out under my snuggle blanket on the sofa because I had done a lot of socialising at the weekend at Autscape so I felt really tired.

It made me very happy to get lots of cuddles from people I love and I loved trying new games and meeting new people. I get a little bit sad when I come home as I miss the physical contact with my friends. I’m very tactile with certain people and my cat and I wish I could see some people more often during the year so I can enjoy lots of cuddles.
When I’m feeling hyper and energetic my cat gets sung to and kissed and used as a snuggly pillow, I’m very lucky to have a pretty chilled out and very talkative cat. All cats are my friends, it can be a lot easier to talk to cats than talking to people. I’ve realised that what helps me to open up and get through my selective mutism is to be part of a three person conversation in a quiet location because I’m not anxious about breaking awkward silences.
Selective mutism is like my words being frozen into an ice cube in my throat, it helps me to start talking if I’m asked about one of my favourite things such as Doctor Who. I need the other person to be patient and give me the time to get my words to come out.
I’m quiet with a lot of our extended family but it’s easier to talk when we play games and do quizzes because it’s a specific topic rather than small talk.
I kind of get anxious that strangers are really serious and scary and I just am not a serious person at all. I’m a big 35 year old kid and love comedy and humour.

Well done to everyone who wrote their days for this project. I’m very proud of you all and wish you all lots of love.