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So I made a bit of a boo boo this time and waited until the last day. But I’ll do my best to remember and have looked through my diary etc. in an attempt to keep at this great project.

Today I packed. A lot. I’m trying the whole moving out thing again on Monday (today is…day) and I excerrified which is a new word I made up just now and it denotes feelings of excitement and terror. I like that it sounds like a spell from Harry Potter.

Today I went for a run and to see my best friend in a very big deal production of Rom-can’t say – it was a Secret Theatre production. But the run finished tonight – the night I am finally writing this – and so I can say that it may or may not have been about 2 lovers that shouldn’t be lovers because of a family feud that might or indeed might not exist. It definitely wasn’t written by Shilliam Wakespeare. I went to see her SMASH it with lots of other friends and I even took a photo of them all together on a bridge. They’re my people and I love them.

They made the 26th OK. Great even. It was sunny and that helped too and I think that’s why it almost wasn’t that great after all. Because every time I felt happy today, I remembered that when I move next week and suffer the homesickness mixed with the stress of going back into education again, all as the darker early evenings come back, I will most likely go straight back down the downward spiral. I’m so scared.

Hope you’re all okay x