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I haven’t been very productive lately and had planned to make a significant dent in my to do list but it was not to be.

I hadn’t managed to fall asleep until daylight, woke several times and emerged feeling unrested at lunchtime, whereupon my partner decided it was time to vacuum the whole flat. Within seconds of him finishing, the next door neighbour started drilling. As if it wasn’t hard enough already to concentrate, every time I began something a parcel would arrive for a neighbour, or the phone rang or buzzed. Every new text was a multi-parter so I’d keep getting “no more space for new messages” and have to delete some old ones, then wait for the next bit to arrive to find out if it was important. Every tiny thing I crossed off my list seemed to be replaced a moment later by something new and more time-consuming to do. I’d pay one bill, then find out that another supposedly cancelled payment had gone out in error as well and need to be chased up. When I got an email requesting feedback from a company I’d bought some £1 shelf fittings from and found my cat had literally fallen asleep on my to do list I decided to call it a (frustrating) day.

I made a lovely dinner, which we ate watching TV, and resolved to try again tomorrow.