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I am on holiday this week, much needed after a 3 month stint at work. I am physically and emotionally tired but am now 5 days in and can finally feel all the tensions from work drifting away.

I like drawing and have spent today in my studio, drawing and putting up pictures etc. A holiday is a good time to disappear into my art world. I really feel like it helps me and notice that if I spend some time drawing in the evening before work, the next day usually goes a little better. I believe in art being a good medicine for mental health conditions and recommend it to anyone. I like playing around with different colours at the moment.

Nothing else much has happened today really,  am really enjoying the quiet solitude away from work/ hustle and bustle etc.  I have had some moments of anxiety etc over the last 3 months, particularly the last week as my mind and body get more tired. I have found it very difficult talking to people and making eye contact, the more tired i get , the worse it can be (not always though). I can become very self conscious and the whole world goes a bit surreal and I start to feel somewhat detached from everything, not a nice sensation. I always wonder what people around me think in that moment…can they tell, do I act stangely or do they not notice at all? Anyway, I know we are only supposed to talk about today, but I guess as this is the last day to write about I just wanted to add a little extra there.

Thankyou to Mark for setting this idea up and giving people a platform to speak openly about living with mental health. 🙂